Events Info


We love doing on-site events, but unfortunately, one of our neighbors filed a complaint to the zoning department in reference to our public events. Our zoning is under review at the moment, and we have been told by the county to temporarily suspend all public onsite events beginning July 1, 2018.  We are working with a few people in the zoning department, and we think there might be a chance to rectify the situation and to continue doing what we love doing. This was all very unexpected.  We hope to be back online very soon and to resume having public visits, tours and events here at Goatlandia. 

We will still be participating in outside events, VegFests, and community activities.  Come visit us at Sonoma Veg Fest on August 18th in Santa Rosa!  And of course we are still caring for our rescued animals, sharing our story as we can, operating our online store, and accepting donations. We are also training to be Sonoma County Animal Disaster Workers, so we are excited to help the community in that capacity!

Let’s help new sanctuaries!  We’ve also been told that there are a number of people trying to start animal sanctuaries in the county, and that there aren’t any zoning codes that fully address sanctuaries or allow for that usage. So we think that some new zoning laws may be in the near future, which creates opportunity for Goatlandia and even more sanctuaries! Maybe this is the silver lining in this! 

Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued support. If you’d like to support the work we do, please feel free to donate on our website, visit us at Sonoma Veg Fest in August in Santa Rosa, shop on our online store, our shop through and select us as your charity of choice. And, if you've been here before and/or want to support new zoning for all Sonoma County sanctuaries, please feel free to write a letter of support addressed to the Sonoma County Planning Department. Email us for info, and we can help you with this also. 

Your friends,

Deborah, Patrick, Alana and the Furry and Feathered Family