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We have catered for over 50 events in our first year as a non-profit including Human Race Breakfast, Soco VegFest, Apple Blossom Festival, World Veg Fest, Concious Eating Conference, Osmosis Spa and so much more.

Our ability to cook for a range from 2 person dinners to 100 person events makes our skill set that much more unique. Whether you want to have a private cooking party with friends or have us come cater your holiday party, Goatlandia will not disappoint!

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Saving Animals With A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Almost everyone loves animals, and most people don’t want to see animals suffer, be harmed, or be killed. But sadly, in the U.S. alone, over 9 BILLION (yup, that’s correct), land animals only (not counting any sea animals) are killed each year for food. That’s a lot! Include sea animals and that number becomes frighteningly large… Bottom line? Each year, more than 150 billion animals are killed for food.

The good news it that be being vegetarian or vegan, you can save a lot of animals’ lives.  By not eating animals, you reduce the demand for meat and fish.  It’s estimated that a vegetarian can save 25 land animals per year, and a vegan close to 200! Those numbers grow even larger when you leave sea animals off your plate. Many sea animals are unintentionally caught and discarded (referred to as ‘bycatch”).

And, not only is eating veg good for the animals, it’s better for the planet, the environment, and our health!

Wanna run the numbers? Here are three websites that can help:


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