A little bit about Goatlandia

 goat at the Goatlandia animal sanctuary in Santa Rosa

Our Mission

—rescue farm animals and create a safe, loving home for them

—inspire love and appreciation for animals by providing an opportunity for people to meet and interact with the animals

—promote and inspire an eco-vegan lifestyle as a way to heal the planet, our bodies, our conscience and our communities

—be a place for people to experience compassion, have fun and do cool things together


Goatlandia Founder, Deborah Blum

Goatlandia started after its founder, Deborah Blum, moved from San Francisco to NW Santa Rosa. A former commercial pilot and restaurant owner, Deborah gave up the city life and has devoted herself to the belief that all beings deserve to be happy, and to live free of harm and fear.  The newly acquired acreage enabled her to have space for a few chickens and a couple of goats.  One thing led to another - her love of farm animals grew, as did her furry and feathered family. Almost all of animals were destined for slaughter, unwanted, sick or born with birth defects. They were rescued, healed, made to feel safe, and very loved (and a little spoiled). Today Goatlandia is home to 14 goats, 5 pigs, 46 chickens, 3 dogs and three happy and busy humans. We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 non profit, and are grateful to be a part of the community! We look forward to our future growth, and to expanding our property, our services and our family.

 Deb Blum, founder of Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary, feeding one of  the rescued goats. 

When We Grow Up

Our dream is to obtain a second, larger piece of property in the Santa Rosa area. We envision more happy animals, a café or restaurant, an event center, guest housing, and a fun space for kids’ camps as well as adult education.