Want to know what’s “goat-ing on”? We have many events at Goatlandia: farm tours to meet the animals, volunteer work parties, holiday celebrations, private weddings and special lunch and dinner events. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive announcements and invitations.

Eating and hospitality in general, is a communion, and any meal worth attending by yourself is improved by the multiples of those with whom it is shared.
— Jesse Browner

We are hosting Air BnB experiences! Your day here includes a tour and a time to meet the animals, a trip to our garden to harvest some vegetables & herbs, a hands on cooking class, and a sit down dinner with 5 courses and wine pairings. Our next dates are below; 2pm - 6pm.

  • Friday March 23rd
  • Saturday April 14th
  • Saturday May 26th
  • Saturday June 23rd
  • Saturday July 7th

Click here to reserve.


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Sheldon getting a snack!

Volunteer Work Parties

  • Saturday March 17th @ 10am
  • Sunday April 8th @ 10am
  • Sunday May 6th @ 10am
  • Sunday June 17th @ 10am

Come get dirty, do some good work, have fun, get some exercise, and meet our feathered and furry family! We have volunteer work days regularly here at Goatlandia. We clean the barns, feed and love up on the animals, and enjoy lunch all together.  And it's free!  To keep everyone safe, our minimum age to attend is 12 years old.

Email us here to sign up, and join our email list so you’ll receive notice of all our upcoming events.  

 Apple Blossom Festival in Sebastopol

Guided Group Tours or Private Tours

  • Saturday March 17th @ 3:30pm
  • Sunday March 25th @ noon
  • Sunday April 8th @ 3:30pm
  • Sunday April 15th @ noon
  • Saturday May 5th @ 2:30pm
  • Sunday May 20th @ noon
  • Saturday June 2nd @ noon
  • Saturday June 16th @ 2:30pm

We have at least two guided group tours each month.  Come meet and hang out with the animals, learn their stories, make new friends (human and animal!) and enjoy some west Sonoma County sunshine.  Tours are $15 per person donation.

Private tours are also available by appointment, contact us for more info.

 Berkeley Vegan Earth Day

Goat Yoga!

Our yoga is out in our beautiful goat pasture. Here are our next dates!

  • Saturday April 28th, 10am and 12:30pm - BOTH SOLD OUT
  • Saturday May 5th, 10am and 12:30pm - BOTH SOLD OUT
  • Wednesday May 9th, 6:00pm sunset class available

We couldn't stop watching all the cute videos of goats and yoga, so we figured we’d get in on the action. YES! We do yoga here at Goatlandia, with goats. It's pretty amazing.  

Classes are taught by Yogi Alana Joy Eckhart and are $25 per person donation and include refreshments.  Oh, yeah, and GOATS!

Email us to reserve. Namaaaaaaaaaaste!

Dinner party

Fundraiser Dinner Parties! Our next dinner party is:

  • Saturday February 17th
  • 5:30pm - welcome cocktail and small bites, dinner at 6:00pm

Like many small non-profits, we are completely volunteer-powered and donation-driven. You can help support us in our work, and we figure what better way than a delicious dinner here at Goatlandia!  An $85 per person donation gets you a four course plant-based dinner, a glass of wine, beer or craft herbal soda, and lots of love from us. And goats :) 

 Email us to reserve.

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